PRIME Screening Test

This form is about how you might have been feeling or acting recently. For each question, please check () how you have been feeling or acting in the past two weeks.

Take the PRIME Screening Test

For accurate results, you must be entirely honest in your response to all twelve questions in this test. To complete the test, place a check mark in the response that best represents your level of agreement with the statement.
I think that I have felt that there are odd or unusual things going on that I can’t explain
I think that I might be able to predict the future
I may have felt that there could possibly be something interrupting or controlling my thoughts, feelings, or actions
I have had the experience of doing something differently because of my superstitions
I think that I may get confused at times whether something I experience or perceive may be real or may be just part of my imagination or dreams
I have thought that it might be possible that other people can read my mind or that I can read others’ minds.
I wonder if people may be planning to hurt me or even may be about to hurt me.
I believe that I have special natural or supernatural gifts beyond my talents and natural strengths
I think I might feel like my mind is “playing tricks” on me
I have had the experience of hearing faint or clear sounds of people or a person mumbling or talking when there is no one near me
I think that I may hear my own thoughts being said out loud
I have been concerned that I might be “going crazy.”